Monday, September 22, 2008

Adopt-a-State has its first volunteer

Congratulations and thanks to Mary Ann Farrell who is our first Adopt-a-State participant. Mary Ann adopted New York and has agreed to visit that portion of the genealogy collection once or twice a month to straighten and maintain the books shelved there. Not only is she helping patrons who are trying to find New York references, she also gets a first look at material added to the New York collection.

If anyone else wishes to Adopt-a-State to assist in the maintenance of the genealogy collection, contact Peter Summers [; (727)535-3093].


Dianna said...

I would like to put my name down for Pennsylvania. I think this is a great way to maintain the orderliness of the collection!

Peter Summers said...

Wonderful. Thanks Dianna. Would you please send me an email ( with your full name.

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