Saturday, September 27, 2008

Genealogy Databases Accessible Again

As many of you know, when the library switched to its new catalog system about a month ago the genealogy databases such as were no longer accessible from the three IPAQ terminals in the genealogy department. That problem has now been fixed and all genealogy databases are now accessible from all terminals in the department. The process of getting to them from the iPAQ terminals is a bit different, however. Instructions on how to get to the databases will be located next to the those terminals... it's not difficult, just different.

Thanks to Geri Malham for her efforts in getting this all working again.

By the way, all of the genealogy databases are accessible from all Internet terminals and PCs in the library. The consultant at the genealogy desk can give you instructions on how to use those other library workstations if you need to.


Sandi said...

What does IPAQ stand for?

Peter Summers said...

IPAQ is the title given to workstations in the library that are not true PCs, but instead are connected to a larger computer in the "back room" somewhere. We have three in the genealogy department [they are labeled with the name "IPAQ" (Some may be "IPAC), and you face the genealogy desk if you are in front of one]. Throughout the library, those types of workstations are used for the library catalog and for internet access...and have labels on them that tell you that.

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