Saturday, September 20, 2008

Heritage Scrapbooking Class

Heritage Scrapbooking Class on 14 October at 10:00 AM in the Local History Room of Largo Library.

This will be an overview of how to create a family heritage scrapbook using photographs, mementos, and information about the family's history, culture, and traditions. The class will be led by Esther Meinhardt and will feature examples of heritage scrapbooks and will discuss materials and methods for creating a treasured family heirloom.

The class is free but space is limited so sign up now to reserve your space. Email Bob Bryan at or call at 595-4521.


Dianna said...

I would love to see this class offered in the evening sometime. My husband and I work during the day so we can't make it this time but perhaps if it is at a later time in the future we will be able to attend.

Esther Meinhardt said...

I would be glad to conduct this class again in the evening, anytime! I imagine that Bob would want to get an idea if there is enough interest to set it up. I'm looking forward to this first class and hoping that participants find the class useful AND

Bob Bryan said...

I am looking at the class schedule for the coming months presently. We will plan on scheduling the scrapbooking class again at 6 pm in late Feb or early March in 2009, depending on the interest from the first class.