Tuesday, October 14, 2008

St. Petersburg Times Archives Now Available

Flash...The "St. Petersburg Times" has teamed up with Google to make its historical archives freely available online. The new database includes millions of Times articles dating back more than 100 years. This is obviously a boon to genealogists. The range of dates available is from 1901 to 2007.

You can search for this material at http://news.google.com/archivesearch. Type source: "St. Petersburg Times" before entering your search query. The same access will also boon be available through the newspaper's own web site, www.tampaby.com.

I found the search process to be a bit confusing (although it sounds simple), but maybe that's just me. Like most things in genealogy, if you need the info, you need the info, and you are willing to dig it out.

And don't forget, although not searchable, the following St. Petersburg Times microfilmed issues are available at the Largo Public Library in the Genealogy Department: 1901-1946 and 1979-1991.


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