Thursday, December 4, 2008

Photo Editing Software Now Available

There is a new piece of software now loaded on the genealogy PC that supports the new microform reader. It is PhotoShop Elements. PSE is a shorter version of the full PhotoShop photo editing software, but which still gives you most of the editing capabilities. To access the program, just sign on the computer and doubel click on the PhotoShop icon.

But beware, this is not a snap to use. It will require a lot of experimentation and help-reading to be able to get it to do the things you may want it to do to improve your photos. But if you have imiges of old photos that are damaged (torn, creased, water damaged, faded, etc), this program can do a lot to improve them. Just be patient and realize that to most good and powerful things there is a learning curve.

We can make some demonstrations available of there is a demand. Just let me or Bob Bryan know if you are interested and we will set it up.

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