Thursday, January 15, 2009

Writer's Workshop Forming

We have seen increasing interest from members of the PGS in the subject of publishing genealogy material...lineages, family history, etc. One of our programs last year was on the subject and we had a class on it just recently. Going hand-in-hand with the subject of publishing is the subject of authoring (actually doing the writing) and so that subject has stimulated some interest also.

To respond to that interest we are thinking of establishing a Writer's Workshop. The concept is that it will meet regularly (like once a month) and provide an environment where attendees can do some actual writing as well as hear hints and tips about the writing process. Sharing what is written will be completely voluntary, but doing the writing is what this will be all about. It is often heard that the most difficult part of writing is to get started. This workshop will concentrate on getting over that hurtle.

We want to gauge the interest in this workshop. If you are interested in doing some writing about your family (to ultimately publish it or even if just for your own enjoyment), let me ( or Bob Bryan ( know.

If we get enough interest, you can expect to see the workshop offered in the Mar-Apr-May class list.

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