Monday, February 16, 2009

2009 PGS/Largo Library Genealogy Seminar

The seminar on 14 February was a great success. Comments during and after the event were over-whelmingly positive. Hank Jones (the primary speaker) made 4 presentations, 4 additional break out presentations were offered, 2 new instructional CD-ROMs were introduced at special seminar prices (see the PGS webpage if you are interested in those), the book sale was huge, and there was plenty of time for attendees to mingle and get to know each other.

A special thanks goes out to all of the volunteers who worked so hard to bring this event to a successful conclusion. You cannot appreciate the amount of work and the pressure involved in staging an event like this unless you are in the thick of it. And a special pat on the back to Damon Hostetler, Seminar Director, who coordinated all of the diverse efforts. Thanks to you all.

We confirmed just this past week that our primary speaker for the seminar next year will be Dick Eastman. Most of you probably are familiar with Dick through his online genealogy newletter and his podcast interviews with makers and shakers in the world of genealogy. We are very pleased that he will be able to spend time with us. The date of the 2010 seminar is 13 February. Put it on your calendar now.

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