Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Answer to Quiz on 6/18/10

Here are the answers to the questions posed on the 6/18/10 Blog entry. Go back and check the questions before you read the answers...or do you normally read the last chapter in a book first?

I was researching the 1900 US Federal Census.

The notation “Box” means that my ancestor was a veteran of the Boxer Rebellion.

There are a couple of reasons why being a veteran of that expedition is special. First, there were not many Americans who participated in that action…just about 3400. The next special thing is that while a service member could claim to be a veteran for any service anywhere during a war (such as the Spanish American War or World War (I)), he could only claim veteran status for participating in an expedition (Boxer Rebellion, Mexican Expedition, Philippine Insurrection) if he actually served in the area of operations.

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