Thursday, June 10, 2010

PGS Members -- Act Now for Discount

Some time ago we brokered an opportunity with the folks at members of PGS could get an annual subscription to the site for only $39.95 rather than the usual price of $79.95. Now that's a great deal for this unique site!

That's the good news. The bad news is that the deal expires on 30 June 2010. I mention all of this in case you were considering taking advantage and forgot to, or you missed every advertisement we published about this event and are hearing it for the very first time.

In either event, to take advantage of the 50% price reduction email Bob Bryan (, introduce yourself as a PGS member, and explain that you need the information for the Footnote discount. Bob will confirm your membership status and then send you a web address to use. Simply go to that page and follow the instructions and you've got it.

If you are already a subscriber and wish to extend your subscription for another year, follow the same procedure.

Once again, this opportunity disappears on 30 June, so act now if you want to sign up.

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